• Fresh Juices

      Fresh juices made to order. We use only the freshest fruits and vegetables for our juices. We try to source local produce and use organics whenever possible

    • Red Otter

      Red Otter


      Beet, apple, pineapple, ginger

    • Sunshine Otter

      Sunshine Otter


      Pineapple, orange, yellow pepper, carrots, lemon

    • Sassy Otter

      Sassy Otter


      Cucumber, celery, carrot, parsley, tomato, spinach, jalapeno

    • Kali Otter

      Kali Otter


      Kale, oranges, carrots, kohlrabi, ginger

    • Tiger Juice

      Tiger Juice


      Pineapple, orange, ginger

    • Tropical Otter

      Tropical Otter


      Celery, cilantro, spinach, pineapple, lemon, ginger

    • El Fresco Otter

      El Fresco Otter


      Apple,kale, cucumber, mint, greens, lemon

    • Verkatert Otter

      Verkatert Otter


      Celery, beets, carrot, orange, lemon, ginger

      (It's German, for hangover.  But it's still delicious even if you don't have one!)

    • Green Otter

      Green Otter


      Cucumber, apple, celery, greens, lime/lemon, parsley

    • Your Otter


      Pick your base of carrot, celery, cucumber, or pineapple then add any other fruits or veggies from our menu.

    • Healthy Shots

      Try a shot packed full of vitamins and minerals!

    • Wheatgrass shot

      Wheatgrass shot


      Full of chlorophyll, 20 amino acids, and vitamins and minerals!

    • Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne shot

      Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne shot


      Boost your immune system and stimulate your metabolism at the same time!

    • Lemon, apple cider vinegar shot

      Lemon, apple cider vinegar shot


      Get your daily dose of ACV in a tasty, metabolism boosting shot!

    • Strawberry, basil, lemon shot

      Strawberry, basil, lemon shot


      Vitamin C galore, plus antioxidants, anti-stress components as well as antimicrobial properties.

    • Smoothies

      Our smoothies are always made from fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade almond milk. We never use juice concentrates or powders in our smoothies.

    • Oh Kale No!


      Kale, banana, blueberries, vanilla almond milk

    • Otterlotalove



      Strawberries, cauliflower, chocolate or vanilla almond milk

    • Otterlottaluau



      Pineapple, orange, spinach, vanilla almond milk

    • Funky Monkey


      Banana, kale, spinach, peanut butter powder, chocolate almond milk

    • The Grasshopper


      Pineapple, orange, spinach, vanilla almond milk

    • Four Leaf Clover


      Spincha, mango, banana, lemon

    • The Oatter


      Peaches, orange, banana, vanilla almond milk

    • Blue Brain Boost


      Blueberries, kale, avocado, vanilla almond milk

    • Superfood boosts

      0.50 each



      Hemp hearts

      Chia seed


      Cocunut oil


      Camu camu

      Cacao nibs




    • CBD Boost


      Add a boost of amazing CBD to any smoothie or juice!

    • Lunchy Foods

      Our lunch selections include foods made from scratch that are healthy, delicious and portable for your convenience.

    • Pad Thai Rolls

      Pad Thai Rolls


      Delicious spring rolls with cucumber, carrot, cabbage, rice noodles, mint, cilantro, and basil wrapped in rice paper.  Scrumptious enough on their own, but we add a helping of pad thai sauce to dip them into!

    • Spiced Veggie Pockets

      Spiced Veggie Pockets


      Home made, whole wheat crust stuffed with carrots, peas, spinach, edamame, ginger, garlic and spices then baked to perfection.  Served with a mint, cilantro sauce with a bit of a kick!

    • Taco Pockets

      Taco Pockets


      2 Corn tortilla pockets filled with savory spiced black beans, corn, green bell pepper, tomato, and spinach.  Served with homemade salsa

    • Breakfasty Foods

      Our breakfasts are made from scratch from wholesome, plant-based ingredients. Only available Fridays from 7-10am and Saturdays from 7-11am Smoothie bowls, bierocks, and toast selections are available every day!

    • Breakfast Burritos

      Breakfast Burritos


      Homemade whole wheat tortillas filled with different variations of roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes, kale or spinach, red or green bell peppers, onions and eggs from homemade tofu.  Served with homemade salsa. Add tempeh bacon, avocado, or homemade "queso" for an additional charge.

    • Biscuits and gravy

      Biscuits and gravy


      Homemade, whole wheat biscuits topped with country-style white gravy and home-made plant based sausage.  Single or double orders available.

    • Avocado Toast

      Avocado Toast


      Whole grain toast, black beans, spinach, avocado, and homemade salsa.

    • Toast Your Way

      Toast Your Way


      We start with whole grain toast.  You pick your nut butter (peanut, almond or cashew), add one or two fruits (banana, apple, strawberries, blueberries), and add up to two other tasty toppings (chocolate chips, cacao nibs, white chocolate, chia seed, or hemp seed).

    • Breakfast Bierocks

      Breakfast Bierocks


      Delicious tofu eggs, "queso", spinach and either homemade "sausage" or tempeh bacon baked into a pocket of bread!

    • Acai Bowls

      Acai Bowls


      Our organic acai blended with banana and strawberries, served with homemade granola and your choice of two fruits (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi) and two toppings (white chocolate, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, coconut, or hemp seed).  A great meal any time of day!

    • Blue Algae Smoothie Bowl

      Blue Algae Smoothie Bowl


      Brilliant blue deliciousness providing tons of antioxidants, immune system support, and heavy metal detox.  Served with homemade granola and your choice of two fruits like banana, kiwi, blueberries or strawberries and two toppings like hemp seed, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, or dark chocolate.  An entire meal for any time of day!

    • Dragon Smoothie Bowl

      Dragon Smoothie Bowl


      Dragon fruit or pitaya is rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids.  It may help prevent premature aging, decrease cancer risks due to its carotene and lycopene content, boost your good cholesterol, help stabilize blood sugar and help with digestion due its fiber content, and boost your immune system!  Talk about a superfood!

      We blend it up with some mango, banana, and homemade almond milk and then top it with homemade granola and your two choices of fruits like kiwi, bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. Then you can add two additional toppings such as cacao nibs, hemp seed, dark or regular chocolate chips, or coconut.

    • Baked Goods

      Our baked goods are all made from scratch on site. Everything is plant-based for your health and the health of the planet.

    • Blueberry Bagel

      Blueberry Bagel


      Made from scratch blueberry bagels, made with real wild blueberries.

    • Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

      Cinnamon Raisin Bagels


      Made from scratch bagels with just the right touch of cinnamon!

    • Hemp Seed Bagel

      Hemp Seed Bagel


      Made from scratch bagel with delicious, protein-rich hemp seeds.

    • Chia Seed Bagel

      Chia Seed Bagel


      Made from scratch bagel with delightful chia seeds.  So good for you!

    • Plain Bagel

      Plain Bagel


      It's almost wrong to call these plain bagels when they are so good!

    • Banana Hemp Seed Muffins

      Banana Hemp Seed Muffins


      Made from scratch with whole wheat flour, flax, hemp seed and real bananas.  You won't even be able to tell it's good for you!

    • Blueberry Chia Seed Muffin

      Blueberry Chia Seed Muffin


      Real wild blueberries and chia seeds in a moist, made from scratch muffin.

    • Apple Cinnamon Muffin


      Crumble topped apple pie in muffin form!

    • Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffin


      Chocolate chips in a delicious muffin that just happens to be gluten free!  Don't care about gluten?  You'll still love it!

    • Apricot Pistachio Scone


      Delicious apricots and pistachios crammed into scone form.  All made from scratch and delicious!

    • Cranberry Orange Scone


      Cranberries aren't just for the holidays!  A delectable scone with cranberries and hints of fresh orange.

    • Blueberry Scone

      Blueberry Scone


      Real wild blueberries and hints of lemon in an amazing scone.

    • Strawberry Scone

      Strawberry Scone


      Real, fresh, organic strawberries baked into a fabulous scone and topped with a cream cheeze frosting.