Food is love.  In our society this seems to have always been true.  What does Grandma try to do when you visit?  Feed you, of course!  We are no different, except we started our journey in clean eating around 2013.  Food is still love for us, it just involves more veggies and more from scratch cooking. 

The Otter Juice Co was founded by Curt and Jess Braun after deciding to share their passion with their community.  Curt is originally from Victoria, Kansas, and Jess has lived in Kansas for 21 years.  Curt is the owner of local remodeling business, and Jess has provided veterinary services to Hays and the surrounding communities. 

They both love the outdoors; hiking, backpacking, kayaking/canoeing, and skiing.  They also love to travel.  The way they eat helps insure our ability to continue to enjoy the things they love.  It also helps insure they will be around as long as possible to enjoy their four kids and watch them grow and mature. 

“Oh, I feel awful after eating healthy!” said NO ONE ever!

Get juiced with us!